Podcast: The 12-Step Pension Plan

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Like any good 12-step recovery plan, Governor Jerry Brown's 12-point proposal to change the system of pensions for government workers includes both an admission that there's a problem... and a willingness to change.

But the plan, even if it ultimately leads to agreed upon reforms, is likely headed into some very turbulent political waters. They're made all the more rough by the state's finances, the societal issues around retirement security, and the willingness to find common ground.

This week's Capital Notes Podcast is an early look at some of those issues, as well as the reaction to Brown's proposal from various political players.

I'm joined by Anthony York of the Los Angeles Times and David Siders of the Sacramento Bee.

You might also want to check out both Anthony's take and David's assessment in this morning's papers, and radio stories I filed for both The California Report and NPR's Morning Edition.

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