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Redistricting Win, Lose, or Draw

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More competition. More moderate politicians. Less sleazy deal making. More good stuff. Less bad stuff. Like so many electoral efforts, the two campaigns waged in favor of independent redistricting promised a lot of fixes to California voters tired of dysfunctional … Continue reading »

Podcast: Not So Surprising

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There’s a lot of talk about calamity this week — courtesy of one hyperpublicized apocalyptic prediction — but hey, we’ve been living with the doom and gloom for years in California… at least when it comes to the state’s finances. … Continue reading »

Budget Revisions But Staying the Course

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If Governor Jerry Brown has a backup plan to extending several billion dollars in taxes, he’s not showing it. Not yet, at least. Brown’s revised budget, unveiled at a very lengthy news conference (by gubernatorial standards) on Monday morning marks … Continue reading »

Podcast: From Taxes to Tinkerbell

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While the state’s budget drama continued to be front and center this week, it morphed into two heretofore unseen images: a sustained, week long public protest and a relatively complete blueprint from a Republican caucus of how to erase the … Continue reading »

GOP Unveils Deficit Fix, Sans Taxes

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Responding to Governor Jerry Brown’s call to provide an alternative to his plan for solving the state’s fiscal crisis, Assembly Republicans have released a budget blueprint which relies on cuts, revenues, and transfers… but no taxes. Like balloonists tossing over … Continue reading »

Teachers: More Money for Schools. GOP: Okay

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It wasn’t the main narrative of Monday’s school funding protests, but chances are it’s in just about every reporter’s story (mine included): Republicans agree to give educators the money they want for the coming year. Of course, few may have … Continue reading »

Podcast: Burn the Ships!

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One of the more memorable quotes from Governor Jerry Brown in a big national newspaper profile this weekend is the reference to a Spanish conquistador ensuring there would be no retreat by burning their ships on the beach. Of course, … Continue reading »

Locals Can Tax Themselves, Says Democratic Plan

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More government services in the Bay Area? Fewer in the Inland Empire? You’d be forgiven if you think that’s a rehash of last week’s debate over budget cuts targeted at GOP communities. But it could also be the shape of … Continue reading »

Senator Flips Vote, Union Contracts OK'd

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Today’s lengthy debate in the state Senate, both in public and in private, serves as a reminder of the complicated intersection of policy and politics, as a late vote switch by a Republican senator kept six new state worker contracts … Continue reading »

Labor Leader Says Skip the Election, Dems Still Back Brown

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It would be wrong to say that Democrats who flocked to Sacramento for the party’s weekend convention are unhappy with the course of action laid out by their standard bearer on solving the state budget mess. But they do seem … Continue reading »