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You Go Your Way, I'll Go Mine

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Newcomers to California barely get their bags unpacked when someone, somewhere, starts griping about how the state is so big or its citizens so disagreeable that we ought to just crack it up into smaller pieces and go our own … Continue reading »

Will School Funding Help Brown Sell Budget?

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For months, Governor Jerry Brown’s political strategy to get his cut-and-tax budget plan approved has been to make public schools the poster child for what would happen without additional tax dollars. A new poll suggests that while the strategy has … Continue reading »

Podcast: Road Show

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If it’s Thursday, it must be Santa Clarita. Or so it was for Governor Jerry Brown this week… and… for our Capital Notes Podcast. Anthony York of the Los Angeles Times and I were both on the road with the … Continue reading »

Watching the Tax Dollars Come In

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Wednesday 10:49 a.m. update: The last two days since this posting was written have been huge for income tax receipts — almost $1.9 billion in just 48 hours, thus putting the state on a path to possibly exceeding expectations. No … Continue reading »

"Every Day, Keep Pounding Away"

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If you didn’t already know what Governor Jerry Brown’s budget strategy is at the moment, the above quote pretty much says it all. More than a month after his self-imposed deadline expired and facing either equal or intensified GOP opposition, … Continue reading »

Teachers Plan Capitol Protest, Wisconsin Style

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Note: This story has been updated from its original verbage to reflect my interview with the president of the CTA. –JM In the days leading up to Governor Jerry Brown’s release of a revised budget next month, the state Capitol … Continue reading »

Brown's GOP Critique Heats Up

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Whether Governor Jerry Brown is making any headway with finding even a modicum of Republican support under the Capitol dome for his taxes election is unknown. But what’s crystal clear is that Brown has abandoned his gentle prodding of GOP … Continue reading »

Podcast: The Big Picture

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This week, by necessity but maybe also by luck, we’re stepping back to look at the big picture of the budget saga of 2011. Our Capital Notes Podcast was recorded midweek at a panel event in downtown Sacramento where Anthony … Continue reading »

Podcast: Plan B

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The only thing we may have learned this week about the state’s budget saga is that Governor Jerry Brown’s Plan A — an early June special election on extending taxes — is now an official no-go. On to Plan B. … Continue reading »