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Budget Drama Marches Into March

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So many moving parts, so little time. That’s the view from the cheap seats as to what’s next in the 2011 budget saga, though it’s admittedly not a very different prognosis than in years past. Still, it’s worth taking a … Continue reading »

Podcast: Budget Vows

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Promises. Pledges. Assurances. Even vows, at least in the mind of Governor Jerry Brown. All have been discussed this week when it comes to the state’s budget mess, and what is — or isn’t — doable when it comes to … Continue reading »

Question Time With Jerry Brown

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No one seems to be able to recall a sitting governor testifying in front of legislative budget conferees, and in truth it really wasn’t testimony that Governor Jerry Brown seemed interested in this morning… but rather, a dialogue. And so … Continue reading »

Brown's Redevelopment Firestorm

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Lost in the back-and-forth over Governor Jerry Brown’s plan to shut down hundreds of local redevelopment agencies and funnel their property tax dollars elsewhere are a couple of pretty important questions: will the plan actually work? And is it driven … Continue reading »

Brown's "Tangibilitizing" of Budget Woes

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It’s almost becoming something you can mark on your calendar: the new governor rolls out a symbolic cut of what would be seen as frivolous state spending and then invites reporters to cop a squat on the picnic table-like benches … Continue reading »

Special Election Deadline? Who Knows?

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A funny thing can happen when the elected officials are faced with a deadline they are proscribed by law from missing: they can ignore it. And that, in a nutshell, is the problem with trying to determine just how long … Continue reading »

From "No" to "Knowing," Says Brown

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There’s a well-worn joke about the dog that chases the car and finally catches it who then wonders, “Now what?” But to hear Jerry Brown tell it, he’s perfectly content after winning back the job he’d done once before, going … Continue reading »

An Education on the Education Budget

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For all of the state tax dollars being spent on California’s public schools, here’s a statistic that seems to show the impact of several years of budget woes: 17% of the state’s K-12 funding is now money being ‘borrowed’ from … Continue reading »

Podcast: Kabuki 2011

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The most recent California governor became enamored with describing the annual state budget process as synonymous with the Japanese dance drama kabuki. Whether or not it’s an accurate metaphor, one thing’s for sure: the drama didn’t leave just because the … Continue reading »

Brown's Government Rework Needs Money

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There are few things that could be called simple about Governor Jerry Brown’s quest to shift a number of programs from the state to locals, but here’s one… and it’s a biggie: money. More specifically: how’s it going to be … Continue reading »