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New Governor, Familiar Fight?

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One wonders how much longer the relatively civil political climate that’s dominated state politics these last few weeks can continue. In fact, there’s a case to be made that it ended Monday night… when Governor Jerry Brown publicly prodded legislative … Continue reading »

Podcast: Hard Surfaces

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Governor Jerry Brown’s quip about his office setup for meetings with legislators and others — a picnic-like table and bench seating that he says keeps everyone from getting too comfortable — may be the perfect metaphor for the times. After … Continue reading »

Voters Want Brown's Special Election, Says Poll

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For a new governor facing a mammoth state budget shortfall, a stubborn recession, and a polarized political world, Jerry Brown could probably use the good news that a brand new statewide poll offers. The poll, just released, shows strong support … Continue reading »

So Very Much Budget Work To Do. And Soon.

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It’s often said that nothing focuses the mind so much as a deadline. And yet, there are always deadlines around Sacramento that are… well, flexible. But this year, everyone seems to believe the deadline on Governor Jerry Brown’s budget plan … Continue reading »

Podcast: What's Not to Not Like?

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If the political pressure is getting to Jerry Brown, he doesn’t show it. On this week’s Capital Notes Podcast — recorded in an “exotic” location — we check in on the ever strengthening political storm over the governor’s budget plans … Continue reading »

Brown Dishes Jokes, Truth, to Locals

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Governor Jerry Brown knew what he was in for as he took the stage in front of a crowd of officials from California cities, angry over his plan to abolish redevelopment agencies. “Has everybody eaten already?” asked Brown. “Because you … Continue reading »

Podcast: Budget Maneuvers

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Governor Jerry Brown launched this week the great mission of his first year in office, perhaps his first term… and it’s going to be quite a ride. On this week’s Capital Notes Podcast, we take our first look at the … Continue reading »

Brown's Budget: Good Start. How Will It Finish?

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Governor Jerry Brown racked up probably his last seal of approval today for the kickoff campaign in support of his budget proposal, a campaign that’s shaping up more like a race. And like any good race, what’s much tougher is … Continue reading »

Give Me the Phones, Says Brown

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Governor Jerry Brown has told as many as 48,000 state employees to hand in their cell phones, a cutback he estimates could cut $20 million in budget spending. While it’s true that every little bit helps a state in as … Continue reading »

"We're Finally Facing the Music"

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The only thing a governor of California really has to spend these days is political capital. And on that front, Governor Jerry Brown seems to be going all in from the get-go. Brown’s new state budget, an 18-month proposal of … Continue reading »