A Capitol Christmas Tale

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I originally posted this tweet by tweet on Twitter, but figured it was worth a full showing here on the blog.

Hope this finds you and yours enjoying a safe and happy holiday. Taking a very short break from the world of California politics, with more to come next week.

KQED/John Myers

'Twas the day before Christmas under the statehouse Dome,
The Capitol seems empty, the legislators all home.
The Guv is off skiing. Hope his leg doesn't break
After all, he’s still got 10 days left for appointments to make!

And what of the new Guv, & former Guv, Mr. Brown?
Is he snug and cozy in his home in Oaktown?
Is he thinking of the deficit, $28 billion in all?
I'll tell you once his transition team returns my call.

So Brown is quiet, Schwarzenegger's in the snow,
Which means Maldonado is running the show.
The acting guv will act if Santa should need.
A state of emergency, a proclamation to read?

Soon Maldo will leave, though, to bid us adieu.
Making way for a 'lite guv' with a well coiffed 'do.
Gavin's quoted in the news this Christmas Eve
Though no one knows when his current job, he'll leave.

And as I sit at the Capitol on December 24th,
Watching storm clouds roll in from the north,
Still stories to write about the budget shortfalls
And a legacy thumbsucker, plus a preview of new laws.

And no, no podcast, not this week.
There's no news 2 tell, no gossip 2 leak.
So instead 4 political junkies big & small
Merry Christmas Twitter (and blog) Nation, Merry Christmas 2 you all!

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John Myers is senior editor of KQED's new multimedia California Politics & Government Desk.  He has covered California politics for most of the past two decades -- serving previously as Sacramento bureau chief for KQED News and, most recently, as political editor for KXTV News10 (ABC) in Sacramento. He moderated the only gubernatorial debate of 2014, and was named one of the nation's top statehouse reporters by The Washington Post. Follow him on Twitter @johnmyers.

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