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California's 2011 Political Watch List

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In just a matter of hours, the calendars will flip and the champagne will bubble, and we’ll all wonder what lies ahead in the year to come. But for those of us who watch California politics for a living, it’s … Continue reading »

A Special Election: More Than Just the Budget

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Now that the worst kept secret in politics seems to be semi-officially out — another special election about the state budget — keep your eye on one of the wild cards: the campaign won’t just be about the budget. That’s … Continue reading »

Arnold's Budget Legacy: The Problem Persists

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“Here’s my plan,” an earnest Arnold Schwarzenegger said in one of his most detailed TV ads during the 2003 recall campaign. “Audit everything. Open the books. And then we end the crazy deficit spending.” But it wasn’t so simple. And … Continue reading »

A Capitol Christmas Tale

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I originally posted this tweet by tweet on Twitter, but figured it was worth a full showing here on the blog. Hope this finds you and yours enjoying a safe and happy holiday. Taking a very short break from the … Continue reading »

Brown to Dismiss Recovery Act Watchdog

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Some 20 months after signing on to monitor how state and local officials spend federal stimulus dollars, Laura Chick says Governor-elect Jerry Brown has decided to close down her operation. “The incoming administration will eliminate the Office of the Inspector … Continue reading »

Podcast: Budget Prepping

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‘Tis the season to be budgeting. This week’s Capital Notes Podcast continues our look at the preparations for the first budget of the new governor, and the message being sent to everyone to buckle in for a rough ride. Kevin … Continue reading »

Podcast: Budgets Old, Budgets New

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Everything you always wanted to know, or maybe didn’t want to know, about the state budget was hashed and rehashed this week — by two different leading men. One on the way out, the other on the way in. This … Continue reading »

Jerry, Meet Gridlock; Gridlock, Jerry.

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Governor-elect Jerry Brown started Wednesday’s unique state budget event with a calm assurance to all in attendance that he wanted to focus on the problems, not possible solutions. But the audience of state and local lawmakers couldn’t contain their partisan … Continue reading »

Schwarzenegger Polishes, Jabs on Budget Legacy

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Arnold Schwarzenegger summoned Capitol reporters this afternoon to discuss a $9.87 billion budget fix he’s asking legislators to approve. But what was much more interesting was Schwarzenegger’s defense– at times, somewhat angry — of his legacy on California’s fiscal woes.

Budget Talk? Yes. Budget Action? Dunno.

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By the end of this week, we’re going to be able to answer two pretty noteworthy questions about the state budget mess: what’s Arnold Schwarzenegger’s final suggested fix, and what’s Jerry Brown’s opening gambit? Those questions are also a clear … Continue reading »