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Redistricting Panel: Glamorous, It Ain't

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When an attorney suggested this morning that the men and women who will draw California’s political maps could benefit from snuggling up some weekend with a copy of the state’s open meetings law, you could feel the reality set in. … Continue reading »

GOP's Cooley Beats... GOP's Whitman

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It may not be much of a consolation prize if the current trend in the vote count continues, but the most popular California Republican on Election Day was Steve Cooley. The party’s standard bearer, Meg Whitman, looks as though she’ll … Continue reading »

Podcast: Transition Blues

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For political junkies, it’s a great scene out of a great flick. Newly elected (fictional) Senator Bill McKay, overwhelmed by it all at the end of the 1972 movie The Candidate, asks his top adviser: “What do we do now?” … Continue reading »

Schwarzenegger's Huzzah, Brown's Huddle

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A glitzy summit of a governor’s environmental achievements. A somber discussion of his successor’s challenges. Such was the contrast of the day spent by Arnold Schwarzenegger and Jerry Brown.

Sell Those Buildings, But At What Cost?

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As soon as next month, 11 office buildings owned and occupied by the state of California will drop the ‘owned’ part of that description, after clearing a major hurdle this morning that critics continue to say is a budget deal … Continue reading »

California's Woes In Perspective

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PHOENIX — For several years, my pilgrimage to the annual gathering of reporters who cover the nation’s statehouses has usually included one or more experts telling the group, “Now if you want to really see a state with problems, look … Continue reading »

36 Potential Redistricting Commissioners

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The four legislative leaders have made their alloted strikes to the pool of men and women who are still eligible for seat on California’s first independent redistricting panel, leaving now the final applicants — eight of which will actually be … Continue reading »

Podcast: Jerry on Jerry

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Sometimes, archived interviews are worth listening to again. Especially when the person’s word take on a greater meaning after the passage of time and major events. This week’s Capital Notes Podcast is a dip into the not-too-distant archives for my … Continue reading »

Schwarzenegger's 28 Day Budget Fix

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Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger has decided to call a special session of the Legislature to deal with the current year budget deficit, but here’s the thing: it’ll be with newly sworn in legislators and just four weeks before Schwarzenegger hands over … Continue reading »

LAO's $25 Billion Bombshell

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You don’t need to read far into today’s sobering assessment of California’s finances from the Legislature’s nonpartisan analysts — a $25.4 billion deficit– to find the kind of tough medicine the state needs, but which no elected official will probably … Continue reading »