Podcast: Burnout and Sizzle

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This week's Capital Notes Podcast comes a few days late, due to the exhaustion of last week's marathon ending to Budget Crisis 2010.

At least, a temporary ending to the crisis.

And so this special Monday edition sifts through the various items, big and small, from the final budget deal with a look at how it all came together.

But wait, there's more. Capitol Weekly's Anthony York and I also check in on the latest sizzle from the governor's race, and the fracas over a scratchy audio recording... one you'll no doubt hear more about in tomorrow night's third, and final, debate.

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NOTE: On the subject of when new state workers get a reduced pension plan, the date is January 15, 2011 -- and not, as we said, in November. We would have been correct had the proposal passed the Legislature with a 2/3 vote in each house, as was originally planned. But the overnight logjam on October 8 meant the proposal was ratified by majority vote -- thus, the later enactment date. Blame sleep deprivation, perhaps. And thanks to the listener who pointed it out. --JM

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  • Peter

    Everyone please give John a big hand for tarrying those many hours in the Assembly and Senate press galleries on our behalf.

    Thanks, John!

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