Jerry, Meg: The Wee Small Hours

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Getty/Justin Sullivan

Jerry Brown was making his way out of a packed diner in downtown Chico. He'd just given a thorough, though a bit rambling, defense of why he is asking voters to again elect him as governor. And now, he was shaking hands and thanking the final throng of folks who had waited outside and listened on a loudspeaker to his remarks inside.

"Go get 'em!" yelled a supporter.

To which Brown replied, "Well, they're gonna get me, too." Maybe, if things go his way.

The undeniable fact about this long, bitter, and expensive race for governor is this: like it or not, someone's getting this job come daybreak on Wednesday.
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Campaign Check: The Final Analysis

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KQED/John Myers

The long, ugly, and unbelievably expensive race for governor is almost over. And now, the tough question: have the voters really learned what they need to know to make an informed choice?

Our final Campaign Check segment on this weekend's newsmagazine edition of The California Report takes a look at that issue, as well as one of the most unusual moments you're likely to see in a political campaign.
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Better Than Now? Sneaky Trick? The Prop 25 Debate

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AP/Rich Pedroncelli

Call it an electoral mnemonic device that wasn't supposed to be: when voters go to the polls Tuesday, it will be exactly 25 days since the state's tardy budget was signed into law... and it will also be the day they decide the future of the budget process with Proposition 25.

Everyone seems to agree Prop 25 will change the budget process and, though it sounds hard to believe, everyone also seems to agree that Prop 25 has flaws.

Opponents say it goes too far; most supporters, if they're honest, think it doesn't go far enough.
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Podcast: The Big Mo

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Who's got the momentum heading into the last few hours of the 2010 gubernatorial race? Every public poll says one thing... while a certain candidate's team says those polls are dead wrong.

This week's Capital Notes Podcast assesses the last throes of the Jerry Brown vs. Meg Whitman contest, with a quick glance at today's new numbers in the U.S. Senate race and the issue of Democratic/Republican voter "enthusiasm."

Capitol Weekly's Anthony York and I are joined by Juliet Williams of the Associated Press for our overview of the grueling, expensive, and complicated race for governor.

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NOTE: On the podcast, we talk about how the AP calls the winners in races on Election Night. Here's a nifty backgrounder. --JM

Field Poll: Brown Over Whitman By 10

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There's a reason that everyone loves the famous photo of Harry Truman holding up the newspaper that mistakenly pronounced his political death: it seems to prove that 'it ain't over 'til it's over.'

Perhaps Meg Whitman and her supporters won't exactly spend the final few days of this 2010 gubernatorial contest channeling Truman, but there's a growing sense out that the CEO-turned-candidate will have to pull off one of the greatest California comebacks in recent memory to become the state's next governor.

This morning's Field Poll seems to confirm the findings of every other recent statewide polls and puts the race for governor into pretty solid Democratic control: Jerry Brown 49%, Whitman 39%, 5% someone else, 7% still undecided.
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Meg, Not Arnold, Makes World Series Bet

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Getty Images/Ezra Shaw

Let's state the obvious from the get-go: bets between politicians are corny. No one really cares what knickknack or cuisine from someone's home state will be served up to the victor of a sporting event.

But as the World Series kicks off tonight, there's a bet on the table between California and Texas, but it's not a friendly wager between the state's chief executives.

Rather, it's a bet between a chief executive and chief executive wannabe.
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Jerry Pledges, Meg Explains, Arnold Loves It

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AP/Matt Sayles

She had them, she lost them. He answered a big question weakly, but quickly jumped on the bandwagon of positivity. And the guy who seemed to be loving every minute of it: the departing incumbent.

Consider that to be the bottom line of today's unusual event in Long beach, which featured both major candidates for governor and the man whose job they have one more week for which to fight.
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"I'm Fighting for Every Vote"

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AP/Paul Sakuma

SAN JOSE -- Meg Whitman seemed to be on a mission as she moved from table to table inside Saigon Kitchen, a restaurant in the heart of this city's Vietnamese community.

"Anything else you think I should be doing?" she asked one group of community leaders. "I mean, because you are a very important group that could well swing the outcome of this election."

The candidate who seemingly has unlimited resources is now faced with polls showing her behind and a dwindling resource that she can't replenish: time.
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Campaign Check: Jobs, Jobs, Jobs

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California's economy is in the tank. 62% of those surveyed in a recent poll said they're worried about having enough money to pay the mortgage or rent. And about two million people -- or more -- are out of work.

And so into that gloom step the two major candidates for governor, promising hundreds of thousands, even millions, more jobs if elected on November 2.

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Podcast: Crunch Time

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The hour is late and the nerves are frayed for those involved in this fall's big California elections. And that's just those of us in the press corps.

In this week's Capital Notes Podcast, we examine the race for governor and the race for the U.S. Senate, as a new statewide poll shows the Democratic candidates in both races ahead... but perhaps only one in a slightly comfortable position as Election Day nears.

Capitol Weekly's Anthony York and I also talk about next week's hottest event -- the two wannabe governors and the incumbent all on the same stage for a, um, friendly, get-together.

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