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Campaign Check: A Business Exodus?

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By now, it’s become a staple of Meg Whitman’s stump speech in the race for governor. In numerous events, the GOP nominee refers — by name — to large corporations that packed their bags and high tailed it out of … Continue reading »

Podcast: Mano a Mano

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Call this the first big fight week in the race for governor: accusatory ads, intraparty tensions, and just good old fashioned sniping between Democrats and Republicans. In this week’s Capital Notes Podcast, we focus exclusively on the gubernatorial jousting… from … Continue reading »

Budget +78: Back At It

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Chances are that Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger’s body clock is still many time zones ahead of ours — in fact, it’s already the 79th day of the state budget impasse in the countries where he spent most of the past week … Continue reading »

$119 Million and Counting for Whitman

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Late on Tuesday, the campaigns of the two major candidates for governor sent in campaign contribution notices (as required by law) to the Secretary of State’s office. Jerry Brown reported new contributions totaling $305,810; Meg Whitman reported contributions of $15,494,399. … Continue reading »

You've Got to Accentuate the... Negative?

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You saw this coming, right? One day after playing defense for a weekend gaffe, the campaign of Jerry Brown is turning from penitent to pugnacious — launching two new ads that portray Meg Whitman as Pinocchio and less than forthright … Continue reading »

"You'll Always Get The Truth"

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Until now, Jerry Brown was being criticized for not saying enough. Today, he had to apologize for saying too much. Such is the nature of major political campaigns, especially now when anyone can post video and audio online anytime they … Continue reading »

Teachers Launch New Ad Against Whitman

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Meg Whitman’s budget plans are about to get a healthy dose of political gunfire from an interest group with plenty of financial ammunition. The California Teachers Association announced this evening that they’re launching a new campaign TV ad attacking the … Continue reading »

Campaign Check: Brown's Record As Governor

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The latest political ads in the race for governor attempt to spin an issue that everyone knew was going to be one of the key parts of the race: whether Jerry Brown was a good governor from 1975-1983… or a … Continue reading »

Podcast: Tick, Tick, Tick

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That ticking sound is getting louder. For lawmakers inside the state Capitol, it’s the ticking of the minutes, hours, and days since the fiscal year began without a budget. In the race for governor, it’s the ticking down of the … Continue reading »

Budget +71: Enough Cash... For Now

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And now, the rare good news as the 2010 budget impasses continues to slouch toward the top (bottom?) of the record books: the state appears to have enough cash in the bank to avoid sending out IOUs anytime soon. That’s … Continue reading »