Our "Business Exodus" Report Gets New Data

September 22, 2010 · Filed Under CA Budget, CA Economy, Taxes · 2 Comments 

"The annual net employment change in California due to relocation -- a loss of about 9,000 jobs -- represents only 0.05% of California’s 18 million jobs."

And with that, new data today from the Public Policy Institute of California again calls into question political claims that a mass exodus of businesses from the Golden State is underway, a claim we examined last week as part of our coverage of the race for governor.
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Bell: The Political Gift That Keeps on Giving

September 22, 2010 · Filed Under CA Politics · Comments Off 

Photo: Getty Images

Public corruption scandals are, first and foremost, tragic sagas for the citizens who feel they've been hoodwinked. They also often leave a residual stain on thousands of good public servants who do their jobs without fanfare or fraud.

But these scandals also seem to offer endless opportunities for politicians to get some air time and newsprint showing that they're tough as nails when it comes to rooting out wrongdoing on the taxpayer's dime. And when it happens in the middle of an election season... you've got a veritable bonanza of political PR opportunities.
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