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Immigration and the Governor's Race. Again.

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Be it a bombshell or blather, serious or silly, today’s news that Meg Whitman once employed — apparently unknowingly — an undocumented immigrant is sure to reopen a battle which never seems to end here in California. The Whitman campaign’s … Continue reading »

Debate: Bar Hopping, Dracula, and More

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U.C. DAVIS — About two thirds of the way through tonight’s gubernatorial debate, anyone hoping to see something different from these two candidates surely had to have changed the channel. That’s not to say Meg Whitman and Jerry Brown weren’t … Continue reading »

Let's Get Ready to Rumble!

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In a few hours, the political world — and, if we’re lucky, voters statewide — will be focused on the stage inside the Mondavi Center for the Arts on the campus of UC Davis for the first debate between Jerry … Continue reading »

Budget +89: Still Framing the Framework

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Governor Schwarzenegger and the legislative leaders are scheduled to meet this afternoon to talk about the still uncompleted work on their budget “framework” announced last week. Which means we still can’t say for sure if this is the real deal. … Continue reading »

Campaign Check: Brown's Budget Plans

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Here’s a shortcut for thinking about what Jerry Brown has, so far, said he would do about the state’s budget crisis if elected governor on November 2: something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue. No, I’m not kidding. The … Continue reading »

Podcast: Poring Over Polls

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Jerry and Meg neck and neck. Barbara over Carly by a few points. Those are some of the gems from statewide polls released just in the last 24 hours, and the focus of this week’s Capital Notes Podcast. Capitol Weekly’s … Continue reading »

Budget +85: "Framework" Deal

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Well, it looks like this could all be over… finally… in a few more days. The Capitol is buzzing after a spokesperson for Governor Schwarzenegger sent the following email to reporters at 4:01 p.m. Thursday afternoon: “The Governor and Legislative … Continue reading »

Our "Business Exodus" Report Gets New Data

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“The annual net employment change in California due to relocation — a loss of about 9,000 jobs — represents only 0.05% of California‚Äôs 18 million jobs.” And with that, new data today from the Public Policy Institute of California again … Continue reading »

Bell: The Political Gift That Keeps on Giving

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Public corruption scandals are, first and foremost, tragic sagas for the citizens who feel they’ve been hoodwinked. They also often leave a residual stain on thousands of good public servants who do their jobs without fanfare or fraud. But these … Continue reading »

Budget +82: The Week Ahead

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This may sound ludicrous to those outside the state Capitol, but there’s a sense around here that lawmakers have finally gotten serious about agreeing to a new budget. Yep, that’s only about 12 weeks after the fiscal year began. The … Continue reading »