Meg Wins, Jerry's Pricier

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And now, the big political news of the week: the Bobblehead War.

Last Friday night, the capital city's own minor league baseball team, the Sacramento Rivercats, decided to spice up the traditional nightly giveaways to its fans with something appropos of the hometown for the seat of government.

Behold, the Jerry Brown and Meg Whitman bobbleheads.

Our crack Sacramento bureau intern Erin Ferguson got the fun assignment of going out to see what the bobblehead fever was all about (and in the process, snagging a pair of the battling pols for the bureau). She faithfully reported back that during the seventh inning stretch, the PA announcer said that Whitman had won the unofficial race, with the supply of her bobble-likeness being exhausted first.

So Whitman was more popular that night (and Brown's campaign chief poked that maybe Team Meg had used some of its prodigious budget to hand out tickets to loyal fans). But she's not as popular... so far... when it comes to those who see these as collector's items.

And yes, we head to... where else... eBay.

As of this afternoon, Jerry Brown's bobble-self was up to as much as $56 in one ebay auction, while Meg Whitman's mini-me was only up to $43.

Neither, though, is likely to become as valuable as the one you see in the photo to the side of this sentence, a photo of the two wannabes and the guy who's about to leave the job. That bobblehead, of Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, was sold during the 2003 recall until it became the focus of a lawsuit from the actor politician, over its inclusion of a machine gun in the new Guv's hands. The lawsuit was eventually settled.

As of now, it doesn't appear to be for sale anywhere online. And no, I'm not selling mine.

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