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Advocate or Educate? The 'Magic Words' of Campaign Ads

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It’s no secret that the nonprofit Small Business Action Committee endorsed Meg Whitman’s campaign for governor back in March. But are the television ads that the group is now running, seen all across the state, actually a message to vote … Continue reading »

Podcast: Hot August Nights

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The temperature outside the state Capitol these days is less important than the temperature inside, as the budget and the final push on legislation leave everyone sweating it out. On this week’s Capital Notes Podcast, we check in on the … Continue reading »

Notebook: Budget Blues, Campaign Trash Talk

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As the week comes to a close, two of the state’s dominant political stories — the ongoing budget saga and the race for governor — both seemed to lurch into a new gear. One low, the other high. One more … Continue reading »

Budget +55: "Robbed Blind"

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You never can tell whether a ratcheting up of rhetoric in the annual budget impasse means the fight is escalating… or coming to an end. Either way, things are getting ugly… just take today’s assertion by Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger that … Continue reading »

Meg Wins, Jerry's Pricier

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And now, the big political news of the week: the Bobblehead War. Last Friday night, the capital city’s own minor league baseball team, the Sacramento Rivercats, decided to spice up the traditional nightly giveaways to its fans with something appropos … Continue reading »

Budget +54: Swaps And Swipes?

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It should be noted at the outset that when budget deals are struck, things happen fast. It can be a matter of hours or days between a handshake and a signature on an enacted spending plan. Still, we’re starting to … Continue reading »

GOP Confab: WrestleMania

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SAN DIEGO — It’s true that Republicans are giddy about their chances his year. But as the first day of California’s Grand Old Party gathering comes to a close, you can’t help but feel that this is a group of … Continue reading »

Podcast: Summer Doldrums

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Europeans have it right. August should be for vacations, not for work. Just ask political reporters left to sift through measly scraps of news. On this week’s Capital Notes Podcast, we examine the very few rumblings about budget negotiations here … Continue reading »

New Anti-Brown Ad Has Familiar Ring

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A TV ad funded by a business advocacy organization attacking the long record of Jerry Brown, featuring a morphing of a younger Brown into his current self, and criticizing the Democrat’s record as governor more than two decades ago. This … Continue reading »

Budget + 49: IOUs In 2-4 Weeks

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A budget impasse that lasts beyond Labor Day could lead to another year of California issuing IOUs instead of cash for invoices owed. But, says Controller John Chiang, he’s not issuing a firm deadline to lawmakers this time around.