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Budget +9: Rhetorical Flourishes

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Perhaps it should be stipulated at the outset of this posting that virtually all elected officials frame data points in a way that helps make their case. Creative license in the world of politics knows no party or ideology… it … Continue reading »

Yes on Majority Budget, Water Bond?

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There will be an awful lot of tongues wagging in the Capitol this morning, as a new statewide poll shows a large lead for the November ballot measure to allow the state budget to be passed by a simple legislative … Continue reading »

Podcast: Bizarre Bazaar

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There’s always a flurry of activity in a bazaar (you’re a world traveler, right?), a little something for everyone. But in our own California political bazaar these days, things are… well… a bit bizarre. On this week’s Capital Notes Podcast, … Continue reading »

Sharpening The Political Watchdog's Teeth

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California’s landmark political reform law fails to shine a bright enough light on who’s giving money and how campaigns are being run. That’s the assessment of the new chair of the state’s political watchdog agency, and the reason he is … Continue reading »

Budget +6: Confabs & Codes

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If you’re just tuning back in to budget news from the long holiday weekend, fear not: you haven’t missed much on what appear to be the two real fronts of the 2010 budget war: legislative action and state employee paychecks. … Continue reading »

Budget +2: Paycheck Blues

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Question: When is 19 billion a smaller number than 200,000? Answer: When you’re comparing California’s budget gap, a still somewhat abstract reality,to the number of state workers now seriously worried that they’re on the verge of seeing their paychecks cut … Continue reading »

Podcast: Slow Ride

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We’re in no hurry on this week’s edition of the Capital Notes Podcast. Which is appropriate, considering a new fiscal year has arrived and — surprise — there’s no state budget. Capitol Weekly’s Anthony York and I take a look … Continue reading »

Budget +1: Lay of the Land

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Folks around the Capitol look well-rested this morning — a somewhat superficial but nonetheless notable observation on this first day that California’s state government operates without a legal spending plan in place. It’s such a common occurrence that perhaps the … Continue reading »