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Free Rent, Double Dipping, Cheap Sleeps

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Let’s stipulate from the outset that just because there are some bad apples in the state workforce, the whole cart isn’t full of mushy fruit. There are no doubt tens of thousands of government employees who work hard and follow … Continue reading »

November's Ballotapalooza

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Political consultants. Arnold Schwarzenegger. California’s congressional Democrats. BP. The forever warring California Legislature. Consider these some of the key early players worth noting in the ten measures that made it onto the November 2 statewide ballot, each of which received … Continue reading »

Points To Ponder While I'm Away

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You won’t see any blog postings or Twitter missives this week, nor will you hear any pithy podcasts or radio reporting. I’m on furlough, part of KQED’s plan to save money in these tough economic times. My feeling is that … Continue reading »

Podcast: Buzzzzzzz

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Given we often focus in some way on the “buzz” inside California politics, this week’s Capital Notes Podcast is an homage to buzz… using (we promise) only this week the lovely hum of the vuvuzela. You’ll have to listen to … Continue reading »

Politician Pay Stays The Same

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California’s statewide elected officials and legislators will not have their salaries or benefits cut any further this year, after the voter-created panel in charge of those paychecks took a pass today at any more reductions. But the decision didn’t come … Continue reading »

Budget Borrowing...Or Not

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Most budget watchers will tell you that 2004’s Proposition 58 bans borrowing to pay off deficits. But what constitutes deficit borrowing? Welcome to the world of state budgeting. Governor Schwarzenegger said today that the ban includes an Assembly Democratic proposal … Continue reading »

Podcast: "So Yesterday"

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Sure, that headline now has its own special politics backstory… but it’s also the current status of the California’s long, and expensive primary campaign. On this week’s Capital Notes Podcast, we do our own post-mortem on all of the marquis … Continue reading »

Brown, Whitman, & Leadership

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Not too far into Wednesday morning’s question and answer session with Jerry Brown, it became clear to me that the first of many differences in the looming gubernatorial battle is the implicit message both he and Meg Whitman are putting … Continue reading »

Last Call For Primary 2010

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LOS ANGELES — Well, that’s all, folks. The long, bruising, and historically expensive 2010 primary election is now history. For all the bluster, it looks as though only a small portion of California’s voters decided it was worth it to … Continue reading »

Podcast: Time's Up

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At long last, the primary election season is coming down to the wire. Can you feel the fatigue? On this week’s Capital Notes Podcast, we take one last look at the biggest races on next Tuesday’s ballot… headlined by today’s … Continue reading »