Podcast: Ouch!

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This week's Capital Notes Podcast, a little late in arriving due to the afternoon release of a revised budget, is full of pain... $19 billion in tough decisions about state government programs and the folks who depend on those programs.

It's also a much smaller podcast... focusing on Governor Schwarzenegger's Q&A with the press and Senate President pro Tem Darrell Steinberg's opening comments in responding to the Guv. We'll return to our analysis and witty banter next week.

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About John Myers

John Myers is Sacramento Bureau Chief for KQED Public Radio and "The California Report," heard daily on 23 public radio stations across the Golden State.
  • EarlRichards

    Chevron gouged $24 billions in excessive profits in 2008, as per http://www.tyrannyofoil.com. Schwarzenegger should put an excessive profits tax on these profits, instead of protecting the oil corporations from fair taxation, then, there would be be sufficient public funds for all the vulnerable, people programs. Big business lost the fight to eliminate domestic violence funding, so now they are coming back with a vengeance. There is no funding provision for battered women shelters in the May Revise. Schwarzee picks on the most vulnerable, and not on corporate tax “deadbeats.”

  • Charlie Peters

    DCA/BAR & CARB pushing AB 2289 Eng to cut AB32 green collar jobs?


  • Mark

    Thanks again John, for your great coverage of these importance events affecting us.