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Podcast: Dinero

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As with most editions of the Capital Notes Podcast these days, we’re focused on money: the lack of money in the state budget and the vast sums being spent in the race for governor. Capitol Weekly’s Anthony York and I … Continue reading »

Soda Pop & Oil Erase The Deficit?

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Assembly Speaker John Perez and his fellow Democrats are lining up behind a budget deficit fix that mixes soda pop, crude oil pumped out of the ground in California, and cold hard cash from Wall Street investors. Seriously.

Podcast: Under Pressure

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Cue the David Bowie/Queen rock classic. This week’s Capital Notes Podcast examines the wild week that was in the race for governor and in the early skirmishes over the state’s ever-bleeding budget. On the election front, the midweek poll makes … Continue reading »

Open Meeting Rules Optional?

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An little noticed item in Governor Schwarzenegger’s revised budget is a great example of how efforts to craft a balanced state spending plan have truly become equivalent to searching your couch for spare change. The proposal: stop requiring local governments … Continue reading »

Podcast: Meg Whitman

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There’s a lot happening in politics these days, and so not one… but two… podcasts this week. This special Thursday Capital Notes Podcast features the entire interview this week with Meg Whitman. The GOP gubernatorial candidate sat down for a … Continue reading »

$68 Million. Nine Points.

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Crank up some old George Jones, folks: “Well, the race is on and here comes pride up the backstretch, heartaches are a-going to the inside…” Tonight’s statewide, nonpartisan poll is confirmation that the battle for the Republican gubernatorial nomination is … Continue reading »

The Audacity of Austerity

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“We cannot afford what’s going on here.” That comment, one of many over the course of a half hour long interview, seems to exemplify the real core of Meg Whitman’s campaign for governor — a campaign that will go down … Continue reading »

Whitman: $10-15 Billion in Waste, Fraud, Abuse

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Meg Whitman may be a newcomer to politics, but she seems eager to reopen a very long running debate about how much taxpayer money is being used properly… and how much is being wasted. In a one-on-one interview today, the … Continue reading »

Final Budget, Familiar Battlelines

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Eighteen minutes. Four questions from reporters. And with that, Arnold Schwarzenegger made a beeline for the door Friday afternoon, a bit of a demeanor of frustration even as he delivered remarks full of bravado and tough talk about what he … Continue reading »

Podcast: Ouch!

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This week’s Capital Notes Podcast, a little late in arriving due to the afternoon release of a revised budget, is full of pain… $19 billion in tough decisions about state government programs and the folks who depend on those programs. … Continue reading »