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Dem LaLaPalooza: Wall Street, Debates, & More

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LOS ANGELES — The old joke attributed to Will Rogers about Democrats may have finally come to an end, at least in California for 2010, as everyone at this confab seems to be unified against a location 3,000 miles away. … Continue reading »

Podcast: Steve Poizner

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Steve Poizner says he’s a truth teller. But if that’s the case, do people want to hear it? This week’s Capital Notes Podcast features a one-on-one conversation with the Republican candidate for governor, part of our ongoing radio series for … Continue reading »

Poizner & Whitman: Cut Taxes, Make Money

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If you were making a list of things that go together… peas and carrots, Batman and Robin, peanut butter and jelly… you’d be safe adding ‘Republicans and tax cuts’ to that list. So it’s not surprising that one of the … Continue reading »

Bendy Straws? Palin Stanislaus Fracas Heats Up

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To hear Ashli Briggs and Alicia Lewis tell it, dumpster diving really paid off. This morning, the two Cal State Stanislaus students appeared at a Capitol news conference to say they had found six pages of the heretofore confidential contract … Continue reading »

Podcast: An Education

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Educational political ads and education funding in the budget are both parts of this week’s Capital Notes Podcast. But there’s oh so much more. Capitol Weekly’s Anthony York and I tackle the big news from the race for governor — … Continue reading »

"Where's The Library?"

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You see a lot of advocacy videos in politics these days. Chances are you won’t see many like this one, though, jabbing Governor Schwarzenegger on the issue of budget cuts to public schools. It’s from the usually all humor folks … Continue reading »

Oil Drilling Deal, Act III

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Set aside the details of today’s unveiling of a revised deal that seeks to swap new, limited offshore oil drilling in exchange for early shutdown of larger drilling operations plus land protection… and here’s the bottom line: Is there anything … Continue reading »

Even If It's Amnesty, Is It Okay?

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The newest statewide poll of voters seems to validate one part of the Steve Poizner strategy in his quest for the GOP gubernatorial nomination while rejecting another… and it all comes down to the hot button issue of illegal immigration. … Continue reading »

Podcast: Spring Break Fever

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Don’t misread that title. This isn’t a Capital Notes Podcast Gone Wild, or recorded on the sandy beaches of Cancun… just a quiet week in Sacramento with the Legislature on recess. That being said, there’s been no break in the … Continue reading »