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Steve Poizner says he's a truth teller. But if that's the case, do people want to hear it?

This week's Capital Notes Podcast features a one-on-one conversation with the Republican candidate for governor, part of our ongoing radio series for The California Report.

(As part of that series, you can hear my conversation with Democrat Jerry Brown here; we've extended the same invite to GOP contender Meg Whitman.)

The radio version of the Poizner story will air next week, but podcast listeners get to hear it early... and in its entirety.

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  • Andrea

    Thanks for the podcast. Poizner is appallingly disingenuous. How many times did he refer to himself as having “guts” and being “courageous” while he panders to the worst elements of the extreme wing of his party? Offering voters 10% across the board tax cuts does not take courage. Appealing to fear and thinly veiled racism in his approach to illegal immigration is cowardly. This was a difficult podcast to listen to–not that he will be a factor in the governorship. Too bad E-Meg doesn’t have a more legitimate opponent. Too bad for CA citizens.