Bendy Straws? Palin Stanislaus Fracas Heats Up

April 13, 2010 · Filed Under CA Government, Education, People · 5 Comments 

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To hear Ashli Briggs and Alicia Lewis tell it, dumpster diving really paid off.

This morning, the two Cal State Stanislaus students appeared at a Capitol news conference to say they had found six pages of the heretofore confidential contract outlining Sarah Palin's big speech in June for an event hosted by the university's nonprofit foundation.

And here's a particularly fun part: the intact documents, along with a few bags of shredded documents, were apparently all carried out for disposal by employees on a furlough Friday... thus making the bustle of activity all the more obvious.

Now, the real question: does this prove that the university -- not just the foundation -- has documents related to Palin's speaking fees and other compensation, documents administrators have previously denied having?
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