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Republicans Rumble In OC

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COSTA MESA– Meg Whitman. Steve Poizner. 60 minutes of debate in the race for the GOP gubernatorial nomination. More fun than you can possibly imagine on a Monday night. Wait, strike that last one. And yet, tonight’s debate features a … Continue reading »

GOP Day 2: The Breakup

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SANTA CLARA — Leave it to Tom McClintock, long the favorite son of the California Republican Party, to say what only others hinted about all weekend. Heck, what they’d hinted about all year. Arnold Schwarzenegger, we’re breaking up with you. … Continue reading »

GOP Day 1: We Love The Press

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SANTA CLARA — So what did we learn on this first day of the 2010 winter California Republican Party convention? In a nutshell, that messaging is king… and that part of that message is candidates love reporters. And press conferences. … Continue reading »

Podcast: Budgets & Blunders

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This week’s Capital Notes Podcast stretches from the halls of the state Capitol to the campaign trail of those who want to be governor, and some political stories that we may be talking about for a long time to come. … Continue reading »

Legislature, Heal Thyself

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Listening to today’s news conference from legislative leaders announcing a package of proposals to fix the dysfunction that permeates the state Capitol brought to mind those late night TV commercials for incredible whiz bang products, where after you’re offered more … Continue reading »

And Now, Congress. Maybe.

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In a fall election that’s looking like a monumental case of information overload, it appears voters will be asked to revisit the issue of independent political redistricting — as backers of an initiative to add congressional districts to the list … Continue reading »

Podcast: Jerry Brown

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This week’s Capital Notes Podcast features a one-on-one interview with the newest candidate in the 2010 race for governor… the one who was able to string news coverage of his announcement all the way through til week’s end. That candidate … Continue reading »

Hard Work Ahead for California, Says Brown

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Consistent, but adjusting. Leading, but not dictating. Work, not blame. Those are just a few of the boiled down themes Jerry Brown offered for both the political life he’s lived, and the quest he’s now beginning, in a wide ranging … Continue reading »

For Brown, The Beginning of the End

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In a quip he made to the New York Times last year, one the paper reprinted this morning, Jerry Brown joked that the job of governor isn’t much of a career builder. “It’s more of a career ender,” said the … Continue reading »

Speaker #68 Takes The Gavel

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“I intend to lead as you expect me to: boldly, creatively, and decisively.” That’s the pledge, and the promise of Assembly Speaker John Perez as he takes the helm leading the lower house of the California Legislature for what will … Continue reading »