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Budget Initiative Battle Line: Fees

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If you follow California politics, you’re well versed in the pros and cons of reducing the legislative vote for a new state budget to a simple majority of each house. But should the issue make it to the ballot this … Continue reading »

Part-Time Legislature? Not This Year

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The proposed initiative to rescind California’s 44-year-old full time Legislature dies an official death today. But given the low esteem in which the institution is held by voters, the news is less a cause for celebration by legislators… as perhaps … Continue reading »

Reform: To Look Forward, Look Back

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Fixing what’s broken with government in California is very much in vogue these days. And while consensus may not yet exist on what should be fixed and how, here’s something undeniable: it’s been tried before, and the results sometimes might … Continue reading »

Podcast: The Moolah

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Some of my friends who aren’t fans of politics have asked me, “Why can’t all that money spent on campaigns be used to help balance the state budget?” That paradox — plenty of political cash, too little budget cash — … Continue reading »

The Voters That Might Sway Elections

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The latest statewide survey of voters offers some hard to pass up nuggets about two important subsets of the California electorate and how they might sway the state’s biggest November contests — those for governor and the United States Senate. … Continue reading »

Dear Voters: Find Another $6 Billion

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MEMO TO: California Voters FROM: Member, Shrinking Capitol Press Corps RE: Budget Math Based on this morning’s Field Poll, voters, you’re going to need to do a whole lot more work before hanging any ‘Mission Accomplished’ banners on this year’s … Continue reading »

Campaign Cash: Burn Rate

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Why Reporters Love Campaign Finance Report Filing Deadlines: (1) It finally forces most candidates and political operations to show their cards and reveal how much money they’ve actually taken in (2) it allows us to see where all the money … Continue reading »

Podcast: Survey Says...

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The chattering class enjoyed this week in California politics: a debate, new polling, and a lot of spin about momentum. This week’s Capital Notes Podcast takes a look at the two races in the news — the contest for governor, … Continue reading »

Meg's Big Mo

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If last Tuesday marked a low point for the campaign of Republican gubernatorial candidate Meg Whitman, today shows how fast the PR pendulum can swing, as a new poll shows her ahead of all candidates — including Democrat Jerry Brown. … Continue reading »

"The Difference Is Education"

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And with that comment, the leader of the state Senate seemed to make it pretty clear today what’s going to be at the center of budget fighting this year: funding for public schools. Senate President pro Tem Darrell Steinberg told … Continue reading »