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Podcast: Warming Up

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Just like leftovers are best after a little bit of a reheating in the microwave, this week’s Capital Notes Podcast finds a few politics and policy morsels that, while not new, are worth a second bite. Capitol Weekly’s Anthony York … Continue reading »

We Don't Need No (Budget) Education

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The latest statewide survey of California voters is getting a lot of attention for what it says about candidates for statewide office and how the state’s citizens feel about the economy and the fiscal woes of its government. It also … Continue reading »

Leg Analyst: Guv's 'Odd Couple' Too Odd

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“We recommend rejection of this proposal.” That’s about as simple as it gets in Capitol budget terms, and that’s the bottom line of the Legislative Analyst’s Office after examining Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger’s novel proposal to link funding for prisons with … Continue reading »

Schwarzenegger: "Look Beyond" One's Principles

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As pundits and politicos gear up for a year of examining the legacy of Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, they may want to consider what sounds like a bit of a manifesto from the man himself. It was delivered this afternoon at … Continue reading »

Podcast: Polls & Potshots

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Less policy. More politics. That’s this week’s Capital Notes Podcast in a nutshell. Two big polls came out this week examining the race for governor and the race for the United States Senate, with the gubernatorial survey out just this … Continue reading »

Political Spending: California's "Green" Leadership?

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The political world is buzzing over today’s big ruling by the U.S. Supreme Court that lifts seemingly all restrictions on campaign cash funneled into groups that operate independently of candidates for Congress. Of course, those of us in the Golden … Continue reading »

In-Home Care Analysis Weighs Costs vs. Compassion

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Few government programs in California seem to be more often embroiled in budget fights than In-Home Supportive Services, the important but costly effort by state and local officials to provide help for hundreds of thousands who have trouble caring for … Continue reading »

DC For Dollars

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Those of us in public radio and TV are quite familiar with big pitches for big cash (tote bag, anyone?) on a semi-regular basis. Perhaps that’s why the 48 hour pledge-a-thon by Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger and legislative leaders that begins … Continue reading »

Podcast: Potomac Fever

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Potomac Fever? Isn’t the Capital Notes Podcast a California politics podcast? Sure, but this week the Golden State’s influence and representation in Washington, D.C. took center stage. Capitol Weekly’s Anthony York and I examine the big end of week political … Continue reading »

Tax Commission Plan = $10 Billion Drop In State Revenues?

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Governor Schwarzenegger used his State of the State address last week to urge the Legislature into acting on reforming the state’s tax system, while also jabbing lawmakers that a bipartisan commission’s ideas had “disappeared” somewhere under the Capitol dome. Well, … Continue reading »