Off With the "Aughts"

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Cheers!A Happy New Year to all of you! For some (mild) fun, check out the New Year's Eve Twitter feed of my picks for the Top 10 California politics stories of the decade. Leave your own thoughts below if you'd like.

And check back this weekend for stories to keep an eye on in 2010.


UPDATE: Okay... our web guru suggests I post my unscientific Top 10 political stories of the 00's here. So...

Here they are:

#10: The short, but riveting, alleged sex scandal of Mike Duvall. Ex-GOP Assemblyman's lurid chat caught on tape.
#9: Arnold Schwarzenegger's 2004 rant against Democratic legislators as "girlie men" during budget talks.
#8: In 2002, Gov. Gray Davis spends big bucks on anti-Richard Riordan ads in the GOP primary, helping the more conservative Bill Simon.
#7: Election Fatigue. Voters statewide went to polls 13 times between March 2000 & May 2009. Are we any better off?
#6: The infamous "car tax." It was lowered & CA cheered, raised & CA booed. Doomed 1 politician, made another.
#5: Schwarzenegger's 2005 special election debacle. The governor's failure changed his political strategy ever since.
#4: Borrowing. CA has done it to pay bills (IOUs) and for infrastructure, stem cell research, etc. Debt service keeps growing.
#3: Same sex marriage. Court rulings, a ballot fight... and an issue that's deeply divided Californians.
#2: The 2000-2001 electricity crisis. Cost CA huge amounts of money, dimmed the lights, and the first major wound to Gray Davis.
#1: Is there any doubt? The 2003 recall. A populist free-for-all. An action hero winner. It changed history... or did it?

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  • Ken Hunter

    The number one should be the massive tax increases with the Feb.2009 budget. This will doom several political careers.