"Nonsense Talk"

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Governor Schwarzenegger's big day in Copenhagen talking about climate change gave him a chance to not only push his idea of action in places other than national legislatures, while also giving him a chance to smack some climate change critics in the process.

"I think it is nonsense talk," said Schwarzenegger when asked on Good Morning America about those who say climate change regulations will hurt the economy. It's a familiar line of debate for the Governor, and he repeated his now familiar dismissal of those who think differently than him -- that they live in the "Stone Age."

(Missed some of his references to those bygone prehistoric days? Yes, it's usually on the subject of global warming... but it's also on other big policy issues... or, well, reaction to slightly less important news. You get the point.)

By the way: ABC doesn't seem to allow embedding of video; watch today's interview or read it online here.

For more on the substantive parts of the Schwarzenegger trip to the United Nations conference, check out the work of my colleague, The California Report's Rob Schmitz, at our Climate Watch site.

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