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Off With the "Aughts"

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A Happy New Year to all of you! For some (mild) fun, check out the New Year’s Eve Twitter feed of my picks for the Top 10 California politics stories of the decade. Leave your own thoughts below if you’d … Continue reading »

Give Redistricting Back To Legislature?

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And now, a new twist in the still unfolding story over a new citizens commission for drawing political maps in California: an initiative has been filed to scrap the new operation altogether. On Monday, UCLA professor and former chairman of … Continue reading »

Podcast: The Red Ink Year In Review

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It’s hard to look back at 2009 in California politics and Capitol goings-on without acknowledging that almost all stories came back, one way or another, to the state’s big budget mess. On this special Capital Notes Podcast, we recap the … Continue reading »

All's Quiet Here

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So it’s Christmas Eve. And let’s face it, the Capitol is all quiet. Which means there’s time for something light… as in a trip back with the chief executive to his former career, and a scene that makes budget fights … Continue reading »

Podcast: By The Numbers

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Up. Down. Left. Right. This week’s Capital Notes Podcast is all about the numbers. First, this week’s new statewide poll looking at the race for governor offers up some interesting scenarios, even though it’s still a long ways to November … Continue reading »

Poll To Brown: Don't Measure The Drapes Just Yet

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There are 321 days left until California voters go to the polls and choose their next governor. That’s a long time, but not so long that political junkies won’t read tonight’s new poll and wonder this: might the all-but-official Democratic … Continue reading »

Line Drawing, Anyone?

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BURBANK — It’s pretty accepted as fact that the once-a-decade process of drawing political maps, known as redistricting, is arcane. Dry. Dull? Well, maybe not. That last assessment comes after judging the decent sized crowd that out in Burbank today … Continue reading »

"Nonsense Talk"

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Governor Schwarzenegger’s big day in Copenhagen talking about climate change gave him a chance to not only push his idea of action in places other than national legislatures, while also giving him a chance to smack some climate change critics … Continue reading »

Podcast: Now What?

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That’s a fair question to ask for those involved in two of our topics on this week’s edition of the Capital Notes Podcast. For John Perez, the soon-to-be Speaker, it’s the only real question after several weeks of palace intrigue … Continue reading »

"An Incredibly Moving Experience"

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That was the sentiment of John Perez of Los Angeles after Assembly Democrats unanimously chose him today to be the fifth Speaker of the Assembly in just the last nine years.