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Nolo Contendre = Solo Contender?

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Consider it the first big news in the 2010 race for governor of California, and it came 221 days before the June primary: the nomination of the state’s dominant political party appears to be safely in the hands of a … Continue reading »

When All Was Said And Done

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The Great ‘Give Me Water or I’ll Give You Vetoes’ Showdown of 2009 is now over. And as is often the case around the Capitol, everyone lives to fight another day. Just after 9:30 pm last night, Governor Schwarzenegger released … Continue reading »

Not Gone, Just Not Here

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If you’ve logged on to this blog recently and wondered why I’m not covering, well, anything… there’s a simple explanation. Last weekend, Jonah Henry Haines Myers decided to finally arrive… a great relief, as you can imagine, to my wife. … Continue reading »