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GOP Dispatches: Day 2

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Dispatches from day two of this weekend’s California GOP confab from my KQED colleague, Scott Shafer. Meg-a Problem? Former eBay CEO Meg Whitman gave a somewhat lackluster speech to the state Republican convention Saturday afternoon. She touched on all her … Continue reading »

GOP Dispatches: Day 1

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[With me close to home these days expecting some family news, my KQED colleague Scott Shafer is covering this weekend’s biannual California Republican Party convention. He’s also filing a few short journal entries for CapNotes. Listen for his GOP confab … Continue reading »

Radio Silence

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Sorry, folks. We seem to be having some scheduling troubles… looks as though the weekly podcast is again MIA. Given the lack of activity in Sacramento, the timing isn’t as bad as it could be. Stay tuned…

Biz Study: Big Burdens, But Unclear Assumptions

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A long awaited study of the costs to small businesses from state regulations is finally out, and on first blush seems to reinforce the argument that state lawmakers should scale back their meddling ways. But the study appears thin on … Continue reading »

To Sign or Not Sign, That Is the Question

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The autumnal equinox is often marked in Sacramento by the state’s chief executive signing or vetoing hundreds of bills submitted by the Legislature. This season is no diffferent. Or… is it?


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Just a small moment of shameless self promotion. I’m honored to report that Capital Notes has just won the first-ever award for reporter blogs from the Northern California chapter of the Society of Professional Journalists. A big thanks to all … Continue reading »

The Unfinished Podcast

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You’re probably thinking that headline is just part of the normal snarky nature of our weekly Capital Notes Podcast, that there must be some double entendre or hidden joke in its meaning. Right? Well, no. In one of those great … Continue reading »

The Oil Tax Sticky Wicket

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Few new tax proposals have dominated the recent political debate in Sacramento like calls for a new levy on each barrel of oil produced in California. Both sides say it’s a no-brainer; not surprisingly, it’s a little more complicated than … Continue reading »

What Prisons Plan Will Judges Get?

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On Friday, a trio of federal judges will be waiting with hands outstretched for a plan from the state of California to resolve the overcrowded conditions behind its prison walls. And it’s now looking like a distinct possibility that the … Continue reading »

2010: Year of CA Government Reform?

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It’s hard not to see the results of tonight’s new statewide poll as even more fuel to the fire of reworking the way California government — and frankly, California politics — will operate in the future.