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Uncertain Fate for Prison Fix-Lite

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For those who wanted a quick fix to California’s prison woes, some advice: don’t hold your breath. Eleven days after the state Senate narrowly approved a wide-ranging plan to change the prison system, the Assembly has now approved a much … Continue reading »

Jailhouse Blues

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As we reported in this morning’s radio story for The California Report, yesterday’s action (and inaction) by the Legislature on a major prison reform bill fell victim to one of the essential truths in politics: a deal’s not done until … Continue reading »

Prison Plan Likely to Spark Fireworks

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It won’t be the only proposal before the Legislature on Thursday, but it will definitely be the main event: a plan to save money and lower the population of California’s prisons. That plan, endorsed both by legislative Democrats, is expected … Continue reading »

"We Will Not Be Rushed"

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That was the sentiment this morning from the President pro Tempore of the California Senate, universally known as a nice guy but perhaps ready to make sure that no one equates nice guy with pushover. Implicit in that comment from … Continue reading »

Cash Woes For State, Not Campaigns

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As the Legislature reconvenes for its final sprint on issues small and large, a new compilation of campaign finance data shows that almost $61 million was raised in the first six months of 2009 for campaigns near and distant, expenses … Continue reading »

On Sept. 4, Come Get Your Money

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Summer doesn’t officially end until September 22. But the state’s Summer of Debt — at least from a cash perspective — will end on September 4, according to Controller John Chiang.

Govt Reform For All To Love... And Hate

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A bipartisan group of seasoned ex-politicians and policy wonks has settled on a package of government reform proposals while sending a pretty simple message to those inside the state Capitol: work with us or stand aside. The leaders of the … Continue reading »

Prisons Debate: A Numbers Game?

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Quick, jot down the following numbers: 167,000… $1.2 billion… $3 million… 4%… 37%… 2.4. They’re going to come in handy when lawmakers soon wrap themselves in a one of the most complicated and controversial areas of public policy: prisons. The … Continue reading »

Podcast: Recess Kerfuffle

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With the Legislature on recess and our Capital Notes Podcast back after a pause, it’s a good time for a reset on budget politics. Capitol Weekly’s Anthony York and I recap Governor Schwarzenegger’s budget vetoes, the likely legal kerfuffle over … Continue reading »

Line Item Vetoes: Legal or Not?

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My Wesbter’s Dictionary defines an appropriation as “money officially authorized to be paid from a public treasury.” If only it were that simple. Expect a heated debate in the near future as to whether Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger’s decision last week … Continue reading »