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In the event you missed the note at the bottom of last week’s post-budget item, I’m on furlough this week… part of KQED’s budget crunch that hit most of our news staffers a couple of weeks ago, but yours truly … Continue reading »

The Hangover

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By now, most of us who lived through the saga that resulted in a package of proposals to resolve the state’s budget deficit have recovered. But in the same way you’d clean up the beer bottles, empty the trash, and … Continue reading »


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As budget debating and voting happens tonight, catch my Twitter feed for updates as long as the thumbs hold up. And no, you don’t have to join Twitter to read it. More here later…

Podcast: Twentysomething Billion

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With a vote on a state budget deficit solution either late today or tomorrow, we figured let’s use our waiting time constructively… by pushing forward our weekly wrap. This week’s Capital Notes Podcast is all deficit agreement, all the time. … Continue reading »

It's All About The Benjamins

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The big finish to the 2009 Deficit Drama Part Two is on the way, a $25 billion cornucopia of lousy choices, tough decisions, and general gloominess about the state’s deficit problems. So let’s see where things stand.

The Downsizing Deficit Deal

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[Audio clip: view full post to listen] [The so-called ‘Big Five’ announce the deficit deal. Listen to the audio of this announcement above.] A local government official made a comment Monday afternoon, a few hours before the $25 billion deficit … Continue reading »


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Governor Schwarzenegger and legislative leaders strike $26 billion deficit deal. Still working on details… check back later and/or via Twitter.

Podcast: School Daze

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We were all educated over these past few days in the ways of budget politics. Pun fully intended, of course. On this week’s Capital Notes Podcast, we examine the status of sputtering budget talks (at least, as of our taping … Continue reading »

Surprise Us, Says Treasurer

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A pretty good jab at the folks in the state Capitol came in today from Treasurer Bill Lockyer, a written statement on the deficit negotiations that now seem slower, not faster.

It's A Prop 98 Thing, You Wouldn't Understand

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If you took out a calculator, added up some numbers, and hit “equals,” you’d expect an answer that was indisputable, right? Now imagine there were certain buttons on the calculator that would make the math turn out differently. Or suppose … Continue reading »