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The Election That Tanked

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There hasn’t been much of a post-mortem among politicos about the May 19 election — partially because the state’s fiscal crisis hasn’t allowed time for pondering, but also because it’s seemed pretty darn clear: the voters thought the budget deficit … Continue reading »

Schwarzenegger: Size Matters, Details Negotiable

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It seems Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger’s position at this juncture of the budget deficit debate can be summed up thusly: he’s resolute on the size of the needed solution, but flexible on how to get there. In every way but one, … Continue reading »

Podcast: Chess or Chicken?

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Pick your analogy… an impression of the gamesmanship now being played, and where where things stand inside the state Capitol on resolving California’s $20+ billion budget deficit. For now, they’re both valid. On this week’s Capital Notes Podcast, we examine … Continue reading »

In Crisis Comes... Confusion

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As California’s state budget fracas begins to heat up, it’s getting awfully hard to sort through the numbers, data, and pitches that are being presented to prove particular points. So let’s take a moment to get our bearings. (Note: especially … Continue reading »

Arnold's Message: Yes, We Can

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Arnold Schwarzenegger the optimist was back on display this morning in his brief, and serious, speech to a joint session of the Legislature. But the governor, who’s fond of saying that “he alone cannot lift” the fiscal weights of California, … Continue reading »

The June Swoon: Budget Mania

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Welcome to the final month of the 2008-2009 fiscal year for state government, and buckle your seatbelts for what promises to be one of the most unusual — and difficult — summers in state Capitol history.