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Guv's Plan B Deficit Fix

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Governor Schwarzenegger’s advisers say he’s made it clear to Democratic legislative leaders that he will accept an alternate set of proposals from his $24 billion May deficit solution, one that neither eliminates entire programs nor raises taxes.

When $3 Billion Becomes (Almost) More Important Than $24 Billion

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No one around the state Capitol believes there’s an additional $3 billion in easy spending reductions just lollygagging inside the recesses of the budget. Okay, almost no one. But should the current budget deficit impasse drag on beyond midnight Wednesday, … Continue reading »

Podcast: One Step Up, Two Steps Back

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You know it’s been an odd week when the Legislature rejects a plan to buy itself more time. But that’s where things stand as of this morning, and this week’s Capital Notes Podcast examines the week so far, from stalled … Continue reading »

Don't Touch That Dial

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You’re not really surprised that things turned out this way today, are you? Of course, that’s not to say that some parts of today’s budget news weren’t unexpected. And few would venture a guess as to what happens next… though … Continue reading »

The Clerk Will Open The Roll

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Audio from budget vote September 9, 2008 [Audio clip: view full post to listen] Few expect that today’s debate and votes in the Legislature will produce a final resolution to California’s historic fiscal crisis. But by day’s end, there will … Continue reading »

As California Goes...

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One of the most often quoted stats about California is that, were we a nation, we’d be the world’s eighth largest economy. But such power can also work in reverse, say economists. And now, there is speculation that whatever ugly … Continue reading »

Podcast: Act Two

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Dramatic writers know that once you’ve turned the corner from Act One — where you set up the point of your story — and towards Act Two — things start to get interesting. And complicated. And that’s a good description … Continue reading »

Budget Week Wrap-Up, June 18

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At the suggestion of my editors (who are trying to keep tabs on things here in Sac Town like everyone else), this is the first of a new, and hopefully short-lived, feature: an end-of-the-week look at where things stand with … Continue reading »

And Now, The Debate

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In the theater or the movies, we’d call this the beginning of Act Two. In baseball, it’s probably the sixth inning. We now have two relatively complete looks at how to resolve the gaping hole in the state budget — … Continue reading »

Did Dems Promise No More Tax Hikes?

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My interview yesterday with Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger included a new assertion from the chief executive: that his willingness to break his anti-tax stance earlier this year was a one-time deal to which Democratic legislative leaders agreed.