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Monthly Archives: May 2009

Podcast: Budget Bloodbath

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It was a tough week for those who depend on a myriad of state social services, and it may only get worse… as California finds itself in a financial tailspin. On this week’s Capital Notes Podcast, we take a look … Continue reading »

Guv To Address Legislature Next Week

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[note update on state worker pay at bottom of this posting –JM] Add another unusual event to an already unusual year: Governor Schwarzenegger said today that he will deliver a speech to a joint session of the Legislature on the … Continue reading »

Prison Health Care Almost Half Billion Over Budget

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Adding more angst to easily the worst budget situation in California history, officials confirm that the federal court appointed prison receivership has spent almost $500 million more than budgeted in the fiscal year that ends on June 30. The cost … Continue reading »

Guv Offers New Cuts, More To Come

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Governor Schwarzenegger proposed a new list of deep reductions in state spending today, including more prisoners to be released early, a scrapping of a stalled state worker labor agreement, and new cuts in medical care for the poor. And that … Continue reading »

Podcast: What Part of 'No'...?

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An election night that everyone got to turn in early, and one of the worst (if not the record) lowest voter turnout in California history. Quite the special election, eh? In this week’s Capital Notes Podcast, we examine the results … Continue reading »

$21 Billion Deficit Could Grow to $24 Billion

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[UPDATE: It appears that Schwarzenegger is now abandoning his call for about $5.5 billion in borrowing for the year starting July 1, a borrowing plan that the LAO (see below) has criticized. That means, according to his advisers, more spending … Continue reading »

Gonna Budget Like It's 1999

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Party over, oops, out of time! So tonight we’re gonna party like it’s 1999. — Prince Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger suggested dusting off the script of a movie he wasn’t in today, Back To The Future, in telling reporters that the … Continue reading »

Part-Time Legislature Initiative Filed

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Well, you had to know it was coming. In the wake of yesterday’s all-budget special election, a former candidate for the Legislature has formally filed an initiative to knock the California Legislature back to part-time status, more than four decades … Continue reading »

Special Delivery From Voters: No x 5

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And now, the least surprising news of the political year: the special election called by Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger and the Legislature to help solve the state’s budget dilemma was a bust. The voters have spoken. And their very loud answer … Continue reading »

Toys, Travels, Teabags?

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On this day before the big special election, there’s a pretty noticeable quiet around the state Capitol, as California’s budget needs will soon (and somewhat) be in the hands of the voters. Until then, a few odds and ends related … Continue reading »