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Monthly Archives: April 2009

Prop 1A's Old Ball & Chain... Taxes

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A few weeks from now, once the voters have spoken, pundits will either be calling it the height of political genius… or a political blunder for the record books. “It” is the multi-billion dollar tax increase that will only happen … Continue reading »

Prop 1A: Not Quite A Cap, Not Just For Rainy Days

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The rhetoric in support and opposition of the marquee measure on next month’s special election ballot is fairly simple. The measure itself is anything but. On this morning’s edition of The California Report, we presented the first of two stories … Continue reading »

Podcast: Power Plays

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Powerful players and the special election. A powerful pol considers jumping into a new contest. Power brokers at the Capitol. Ah, it’s so great when a theme comes together. This week’s Capital Notes Podcast runs down the new endorsements and … Continue reading »

"Protect Priorities," Says First TV Ad

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With the statewide special election now less than five weeks away, the first TV ad of the campaign to pass the budget-related measures is out. And given its backers, it’s not surprising which measures it promotes.

Sedan Over Speedster, Says Guv

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File this under small but interesting stories: Governor Schwarzenegger has decided he’d rather have a sensible sedan made by a California electric car company than the same company’s sexy speedster.

$1 Billion in Political Cash Since Prop 34

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Voters supporting limits on campaign contributions would do well to remember the old adage that money will always find its way into politics, the same way water finds its way through the cracks of anything holding it back. And a … Continue reading »

Podcast: Spring Break

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It’s been a quiet week inside the state Capitol. Legislators have been on their spring recess and the din of press conferences and other goings on has subsided. But even now, sprinklings of news have kept us going. Tops on … Continue reading »

Stimulus Money: Watching the Watchers

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California’s portion of the federal stimulus money seems to be flowing a little faster every day. And with it comes folks watching how it will be spent. A lot of folks. On this morning’s edition of The California Report, I … Continue reading »

Maldo's Uber Sales Pitch

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Unless something incredibly crazy happens, here’s the first and only campaign prediction you’ll see on this newsblog: Proposition 1F is going to pass on May 19. Big time. The last public poll showed a whopping 81% of voters surveyed like … Continue reading »

Radio Ads: Budget Campaign's First Salvo

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The first campaign ads have been released by backers of the six budget-related ballot measures, sending a simple and expected message to voters: vote yes or things will get worse.