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The New Stimulus Watcher

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She said it with what sounded like a sigh of resignation: Laura Chick is finally getting a BlackBerry. Maybe that’s one way of explaining how much things are changing for the former Los Angeles city controller, who’s ending her first … Continue reading »

Ah Yes, The Poll

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A lot has already been written about today’s Field Poll and the sense that a big thumping could be in the making for all but the most marshmallowy of the May 19 budget ballot measures. That may be. But let’s … Continue reading »

Cut Politician Pay. Oh Wait, We Can't?

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[UPDATE 2:33pm – Apparently the governor was watching what happened, as described below. He’s just announced three new members of the commission, thus filling all the vacancies. Schwarzenegger spokesman Aaron McLear says the governor supports the 10% lawmaker pay cut … Continue reading »

Naughty State Workers: The 2009 Edition

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It’s not a big story, but an interesting one: the annual report from state auditors of government workers who have done wrong. And this year doesn’t disappoint: improper travel expenses, inappropriate email, unnecessary consultants, and more.

Prop 1B: The One Time Fix

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Four of the six measures on next month’s statewide ballot seek to pull money, from various sources, to help plug the state’s immediate and near-term budget hole. One of them, if voters approve, would widen that hole by more than … Continue reading »

Podcast: Think Green

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That’s green, as in… cash. On this week’s Capital Notes Podcast, a look at the dustup this week over staff salaries in the Assembly, and money raised and spent in the special election campaign. Capitol Weekly’s Anthony York and I … Continue reading »

Fed Funds Flowing, Tracking Qs Remain

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The first report on federal stimulus dollars in California and around the nation is out, and poses two key questions: do local officials have the resources and training to follow all the rules, and can anyone really peg the full … Continue reading »

Speaker Nixes Pay Raises

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Proving once again that in politics, perception often trumps all else, Assembly Speaker Karen Bass has canceled pay raises for staffers in the lower house.

Control Those Pesky Politicians, Says TV Ad

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The opening TV ad from the omnibus campaign to pass all six budget ballot measures is out, and it’s clear that the campaign is appealing to the popular sentiment that only voters can rein in those pesky politicians. The ad … Continue reading »

Twitter Town Hall

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FYI, Governor Schwarzenegger’s doing a question and answer session online this afternoon, with questions via Twitter. So why not cover the session on Twitter, too? See that coverage here.