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Daily Archives: March 5, 2009

Prop 1A Changes...But Not on Taxes

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A long court hearing today over the ballot title and summary for the budget spending limit Proposition 1A resulted in a judge finding some of the language crafted by the Legislature “misleading,” but refusing to more clearly link the measure … Continue reading »

Prop 1E Gets New Title & Summary

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[this posting has been updated to reflect additional details on the new wording. –JM] The May 19 ballot measure to temporarily take money from a 2004 mental health initiative has a new overview that will be presented to voters, after … Continue reading »

The Next Governor Is... Ummm...

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Talk about a poll that only prompts more speculation. Today’s Field Poll on the potential matchups of Democrats and Republicans for next year’s race for governor is proof positive that this race is wide open. An awful lot of presumed … Continue reading »