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Podcast: York Solves Budget?

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Is it possible that my fellow podcasting reporter has stumbled upon a solution to the state budget impasse? [Update: No, he hasn’t. See below.] This special Monday edition of the Capital Notes Podcast is all things Budget Weekend Marathon. Yes, … Continue reading »

No Mantra Deviation

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Well, get ready for Budget Drama Day Three. With the necessary votes still elusive, the Senate adjourned tonight without acting on the full $42 billion deficit proposal that has been debated in public, and private, for more than 24 hours … Continue reading »

Budget... Suspended Animation

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“The answer is no.” Those were the words of Sen. Dave Cox, a Republican from the Sacramento suburbs who was widely believed to be the decisive third GOP vote for the $40 billion budget proposal. But at 3:30 a.m. this … Continue reading »

Budget Saturday Prologue

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Now that we’ve all enjoyed a truncated Valentine’s Day (and let’s face it, who needed more chocolate?), it’s time to turn our attention to Satuday night at the fights… er, the debate and expected vote on a $40 billion budget … Continue reading »

Budget Twittering

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I admit I’ve been reluctant to enter the TwitterWorld, if for no other reason than it’s just one more step towards full non-contemplative analysis and writing. But for tonight’s budget debate/vote/saga, it’s worth a try. If it turns out to … Continue reading »

Stay Tuned

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With budget deliberations and machinations still far from over, we’re holding our podcast punditry until next week. Might as well see where the chips fall first, eh? More budget news to come, probably this weekend.

California to Legislature: Drop Dead

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Will all those who are happy with the Legislature, its handling of the state’s $40 billion budget hole, and the way it’s communicating about what happens next please stand up? I don’t see anyone… and that’s not just because I’m … Continue reading »

Deal. Framework. Understanding. Huh?

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It may be raining buckets outside in Sacramento this afternoon, but there’s still only a trickle of solid information about the big buzz of the moment — that a budget deficit solution may soon be in place. And that’s where … Continue reading »

The Waiting is the Hardest Part

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“You cannot escape the responsibility of tomorrow by evading it today.” That’s a pretty good message for occupants of California’s statehouse, words attributed to a guy who’s getting a lot of attention this week: 16, in current presidential parlance. Abraham … Continue reading »

Prison Overcrowding: Supremes A'Go-Go

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It may not be the next step in the process, but you could place a safe bet that the wheels are now in motion for the state of California to ultimately ask the Supreme Court of the United States to … Continue reading »