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Podcast: Shifting Into Campaign Gear

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The state budget process is over. Sort of. On this week’s Capital Notes Podcast, we shift gears and hit the gas towards the May 19 special statewide election, where six proposals from the long budget debate must be ratified by … Continue reading »

Let The Campaign Begin

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Election Day across California is only 83 days away. Can you feel the excitement? Tuesday, May 19 is what might as well be called ‘Big Budget Ballotapalooza.’ Six ballot measures, all part of the newly minted budget deficit deal, will … Continue reading »

State Worker Retirement Cost: $48.2 Billion

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If there’s any issue facing state government that’s not quite reared its ugly head… but will… it’s the price tag for retirement benefits of state employees. And today, a new estimate of those costs may only reinforce the notion that … Continue reading »

Arnold Does DC Talk Circuit

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With a nonchalance that no doubt will elicit a collective groan from some California Republican faithful, Governor Schwarzenegger told a national TV audience today that it doesn’t matter what your party affiliation is. “Who cares if you’re a Republican or … Continue reading »

Podcast: At Last

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The deficit clock outside Arnold Schwarzenegger’s office has been unplugged. Early this morning, the Legislature finally struck a deal on a way to wipe up almost $41 billion in budgetary red ink. It marked the end of a more than … Continue reading »

Budget Deal Complete

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It was a long night. But all bills related to the state’s $40 billion deficit are now on their way to the desk of Governor Schwarzenegger. There’s some blow by blow on the Twitter postings… hope to have more via … Continue reading »

Arnold to GOP: Math Lessons

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You know that old saying about the “elephant in the room”? The thing on everyone’s mind but not being mentioned? In Governor Schwarzenegger’s hastily arranged budget news conference, the elephant in the room… was the elephant-logoed party members who sit … Continue reading »

The Hammer Falls, the Deficit Grows

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Yowza. Drama is nothing new in politics, and certainly not in state budget standoffs. But you’ve got to take your hat off to Republicans in the state Senate after the midnight massacre, where now former leader Sen. Dave Cogdill was … Continue reading »

And On It Goes...

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We’re still waiting for substantive news on the budget front. The Senate, after a spirited tax increase debate earlier, has been in recess now for several hours; session is currently scheduled for 10:00 p.m. A lot of private negotiations, shuttle … Continue reading »

What Maldo Wants

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As the budget drama drags through a third day (and likely soon to be night), the collective Capitol cacophony sounds out with only one question: what does Abel Maldonado want? Maldonado, the veteran Central Coast legislator, remains in the center … Continue reading »