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Podcast: Leon Panetta

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Our holiday edition of the Capital Notes Podcast features a conversation with Leon Panetta about the issue of the year: budget gridlock. Panetta, the well-known former White House chief of staff and congressman from Monterey, is now spending considerable time … Continue reading »


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And now, a pause from our regularly scheduled program. I’m headed back east for a few days with family… here’s hoping all of you have a safe and happy holiday. Except for tomorrow’s podcast (which was pre-recorded), no new postings … Continue reading »

Governor "Forced" to Agree to Dem Only Taxes

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An agreement on solutions to the state’s fiscal crisis is still not in place, but it now seems pretty clear that Governor Schwarzenegger will ultimately accept the most contentious, and possibly risky, part of the plan: a tax increase approved … Continue reading »

Budget Road Show: Those Darn Taxes

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“Pay no attention to that man behind the curtain.” It’s a great line from a great movie. And in politics, it’s used to convey the sleight of hand that’s so common when it comes to fiery campaign rhetoric that occasionally … Continue reading »

Podcast: Happy Deficit To All

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Tis the season to be… squabbling about a solution to California’s fiscal crisis. On this week’s Capital Notes Podcast, we look back at a very busy week on the state budget front. From competing proposals to defeated bills, controversial solutions, … Continue reading »

60 Minutes, One Notable Quip

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“I always set goals that are so high, they are almost impossible to achieve. Because then you’re always hungry for climbing.” That was, for my money, the most noteworthy insight gleaned from the long profile of Governor Schwarzenegger on Sunday’s … Continue reading »

"It Fell Short On Every Single Level"

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That’s Governor Schwarzenegger’s take on the Democratic deficit relief package sent to him this afternoon, an opinion that he said will lead him to veto the $18 billion proposal. The governor didn’t waste much time knocking the plan down; the … Continue reading »

Dem Proposals Heading to Guv

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It’s not quite over, but there will be no surprise that the Democratic package of majority vote taxes and spending cuts will be on its way to Governor Schwarzenegger by mid-afternoon. Then what? The Schwarzenegger administration worked the phones of … Continue reading »

Budget Negotiations & Movie Clips

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With the budget deficit package negotiation still being discussed in private meetings (no floor sessions yet in either chamber), it’s come to my attention that there are some great movie clips that sum up the chaos of trying to reach … Continue reading »

Budget Vote Scrubbed

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Well, maybe we should’ve all gone home a while ago. Late word from Democratic leadership: no vote tonight on their $18 billion budget deficit plan, due to delays in drafting bill language. Expect votes, we’re told, tomorrow morning.