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LAO: $28 Billion Gap, $22 Billion A Year After That

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No, you didn’t read that headline incorrectly. This morning’s report by Legislative Analyst Mac Taylor finds a state budget meltdown that certainly would rank among the very worst ever seen, if the numbers hold up: an almost $28 billion shortfall … Continue reading »

The Governor's Prop 8 Problem

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The one thing that seems clear in the wake of last week’s approval of Proposition 8 is that the emotional issue isn’t going away anytime soon. And to understand the murkiness of what should, or shouldn’t, happen… look no further … Continue reading »

Podcast: Election Overload

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On this week’s Capital Notes Podcast, a look back at the good, the bad, the… you know… of Election 2008. From ballot measures to legislative races and the Obama Effect, Capitol Weekly editor Anthony York and I recap some of … Continue reading »

Dems: $11.2 Billion Budget Gap

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The current and incoming leaders of the Senate said today that state government faces an $11.2 billion gap between revenues and expenditures in the fiscal year that began just four months ago. That figure, according to Senate President pro Tem … Continue reading »

Election Night Blogapalooza

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And so election night has finally arrived, as we chronicle some of the goings-on at both the main Democratic and Republican events, in Los Angeles and Irvine, respectively. Check back through the night for updates. Dem HQ 11:15 p.m. – … Continue reading »

Le Deluge?

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With millions of voters across California now weighing in on the issues both national and local, and scores of journalists en route to election night locales (present company included), it seems fitting to lay out some of the things worth … Continue reading »