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Monthly Archives: November 2008

Podcast: Capitol Turkeys

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The big accomplishment in California’s statehouse on Tuesday: the maintenance crew successfully finished decorating the historic building for the holiday season. At least they did their job. On this week’s Capital Notes Podcast, we examine the total collapse of this … Continue reading »

Budget Debate: Taking the Fun Out of Dysfunction

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There’s a common perception inside the ornate walls of the Capitol that the public hasn’t ever really been dialed in to the impending doom that is the state budget. They don’t seem to feel a sense of urgency, goes the … Continue reading »

$8 Billion in Cuts, $8 Billion in Taxes Up For a Vote

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One of two things will happen as the Legislature convenes today to consider solutions to the state’s big budget mess: either a handful of Republicans will cross party lines and do something they’ve never done before… or we’ll be right … Continue reading »

A Vote Tomorrow On... Ummm... Ummm...

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The headline pretty much says it all. Legislative leaders say they expect to vote tomorrow on some kind of proposal to address the $11.2 billion breach in the state budget, but they won’t confirm what is… or is not… in … Continue reading »

Podcast: Red Ink

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Since we began the Capital Notes Podcast last year, one topic is far and away the most talked about: California’s screwed up finances. So why should this week be any different? Fresh off the diversion of campaign coverage, we’re back … Continue reading »

Bad? You Ain't Seen Nothing Yet

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It’s kind of hard to be surprised by bad economic and budget news in California these days. After all, there’s virtual unanimty that we’re in deep you-know-what. And yet, today’s full analysis by the Legislature’s nonpartisan budget watchers is still … Continue reading »

Fires Burn A New $236 Million Hole In Budget

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From the “It Only Seems To Get Worse Department”… budget advisers to Governor Schwarzenegger say the cost of fighting wildfires since July now totals almost $305 million. That’s about $235.8 million more than was set aside in the budget Schwarzenegger … Continue reading »

Revenues, Talks, Votes?

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The big immediate news in California these last few days has been the devastating wildfires burning through the Southland. Even so, the inferno that is the state budget crisis appears ready to rekindle here in Sacramento. The state Senate has … Continue reading »


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Just a note to say there’s no podcast this week, as I’m back east attending the annual conference of the Association of Capitol Reporters & Editors. Back at it on Monday…

Autumntime, and the Counting Goes Slowly

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Eight days after Californians went to the polls in record numbers, there are still an awful lot of ballots left to count, and a few races that could theoretically flip in who we now think has come out on top. … Continue reading »