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No Budget, No Podcast, Twin Cities Bound

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BUDGET DAY PLUS 59 — And now, the non-news. Today’s Senate budget vote was, as expected, unproductive. We were also unable to get our schedule in order today for the Capital Notes Podcast, but will be back on track next … Continue reading »

Senate Budget Vote Tomorrow

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BUDGET DAY PLUS 58 — In hopes of ending a budget stalemate that’s so far looked to be one for the record books, the state Senate tomorrow will vote on a budget plan that hinges on the chances of a … Continue reading »

Guv Reaffirms Budget Stance, School Money Delayed

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BUDGET DAY PLUS 57 — If legislators are hoping that a raid on money from voter-approved programs is the fallback solution to the ongoing budget saga, they’re not going to like the message Governor Schwarzenegger delivered today at an event … Continue reading »

6 Days To Budget Infamy

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BUDGET DAY PLUS 55 — On this balmy Sacramento afternoon, while the political eyeballs are fixated eastward in Denver, it’s worth noting that Sunday is the next milestone in California’s state budget morass. No deal by that day will make … Continue reading »

Podcast: Still Jammed Budget Logjam

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BUDGET DAY PLUS 52 — On this week’s edition (a second edition!) of the Capital Notes Podcast, we focus on this week’s budget talk… from Governor Schwarzenegger’s new budget offering to the consensus that this impasse/logjam is alive and well. … Continue reading »

No State Worker Pay Cuts This Month

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If you’ve got a state job, it appears your paycheck is safe for August. The lawsuit filed by the Schwarzenegger administration against Controller John Chiang has been scheduled to be heard in Sacramento Superior Court on Friday, September 12. And … Continue reading »

Budget Borrowing, Or Not?

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[see below for update] BUDGET DAY 50 — Welcome to the newest saga in the budget drama of 2008: will the budget impasse be resolved with borrowing big bucks earmarked by voters for other government services, and are legislative Republicans … Continue reading »

"Everyone Has To Compromise"

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BUDGET DAY PLUS 49 — That was the simple and straightforward message delivered today by Governor Schwarzenegger after the four legislative leaders left his office with apparently no further progress on resolving the seven week old budget impasse. The legislative … Continue reading »

Podcast: Budget Drama

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This week’s Capital Notes Podcast is a few days late, delayed until after Sunday’s big vote on a state budget in the Assembly. Capitol Weekly editor Anthony York and I examine the dust that’s settled since the budget failed to … Continue reading »

Dem Assemblymember Kicked Out of Capitol

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BUDGET DAY PLUS 48 — Politics is not for the faint of heart. Less than 12 hours after not voting for, or against, the budget proposed by her fellow Democrats, Assemblymember Nicole Parra (D-Hanford) has been told to pack her … Continue reading »