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You mean there was other news today besides the governor's executive order on state employee pay?

* DON'T BORROW IT HERE: Chalk up another group that's ratcheting up the anger over possible plans to balance the budget by tapping into pots of money for other government programs. The League of California Cities launched a new website today to pressure legislators to leave local goverment funding alone. The site includes a way for users to see how much was borrowed from their own cities in recent years.

* GARAMENDI ANNOUNCES: The state's #2 elected official threw his hat into the ring today for the top job. Lt. Governor John Garamendi made it official that he's in the race for the 2010 Democratic gubernatorial nomination. But the timing of his news conference... just minutes before Governor Schwarzenegger was convening reporters to announce his state worker executive order, had more than a few Capitol folks wondering whether it was clever counter-programming... or the wrong day/time to try and compete head-to-head with the dominant political story of the day?

* CAMPAIGN CASH: And speaking of campaigning... today was the deadline for candidates and campaigns in the November election to report fundraising totals through the end of June. A few worth noting: money raised in 2008 for ($3.7 million) and against ($2.5 million) the gay marriage ban Proposition 8... the Schwarzenegger-led committee in favor of the redistricting initiative, Proposition 11 ($4.8 million this year)... and the governor's own political activity campaign, the California Dream Team, reported $5.2 million in contributions since January 1.

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