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10 Days, $130 Million in Fire Costs

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An eye-popping reality check this afternoon on the cost to fight wildfires in California: the state Department of Finance says total costs in the first 10 days of July alone were $129.5 million. About half that amount… $65.4 million… has … Continue reading »

Angry Dems: Borrowing, How Dare You?

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BUDGET DAY PLUS 17 — A good example of just how heated the budget impasse is quickly getting can be found today in a dustup over whether legislators are mulling the option of internal borrowing to help erase the $15 … Continue reading »

Podcast: Not Dead Yet

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It’s back. And again, a posting with a reference to a classic Monty Python bit. No, we’re not dead. After a long hiatus, the weekly Capital Notes Podcast returns… just in time for another budget impasse. Anthony York of Capitol … Continue reading »