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Mr. Lungren Goes To... Hawaii

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Dan Lungren is no stranger to California politics. Former state attorney general. 1998 GOP candidate for governor. And… he’s apparently no stranger to the chaise lounges sitting poolside on Hawaii’s Big Island. Tonight’s investigative report on ABC News featured one … Continue reading »

Pet Sterilization, Round Two?

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A few days ago, a new billboard went up alongside Interstate 5 here in Sacramento, at a location on the freeway where you can see the dome of the state Capitol in the background. That’s not by accident. The above … Continue reading »

The Seeds of Change?

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Every good pollster will tell you that a poll is merely a snapshot in time. That may mean no one should read too much into today’s Field Poll showing a slim majority of Californians now support same sex marriages. After … Continue reading »

Poll: No To Lottery Bonds, Yes To Sales Tax Hike... And More

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It may not yet be a fully formed proposal for voters to consider, but from what they’ve heard… they don’t seem thrilled about Governor Schwarzenegger’s plan to sell bonds paid back by future revenues from the California Lottery. That’s probably … Continue reading »

Budget Relativity

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Governor Schwarzenegger has never liked to call himself a politician, but he’s certainly mastered what could be called a different “theory of relativity” — one that’s a key skill to succeeding in politics. This morning, after a speech at the … Continue reading »

The Quiet Influence of Independent Expenditures

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It seems like California’s official campaign finance watchdog is barking a little louder these days about the role of money in politics. And its top target: the murky world of interest groups who ostensibly operate independently of the campaigns run … Continue reading »

LAO: Guv's Deficit Projection OK, Solutions... Not So Much

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Governor Schwarzenegger’s revised budget may balance on paper, but it’s got some serious underlying risks. That’s the new assessment of Legislative Analyst Elizabeth Hill, whose nonpartisan overview of the guv’s so-called “May Revise” is hot off the presses this morning. … Continue reading »

The Politics Of Marriage

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“I respect the Court’s decision and as Governor, I will uphold its ruling. Also, as I have said in the past, I will not support an amendment to the constitution that would overturn this state Supreme Court ruling.” That’s the … Continue reading »

Tonight's Jackpot Winner: Wall Street?

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Ah, where to begin? Governor Schwarzenegger’s new budget proposal reminds me of the old adage that journalists have used so much that it’s become a badge of honor in our profession: if people on both sides of something are mad … Continue reading »

Madam Speaker

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That title has only been used once before in the California Assembly (and then only under unusual circumstances), but it’ll be the buzz word for today when Karen Bass is sworn in as the 67th speaker of the lower house. … Continue reading »