The Guv's Win-Win?

April 16, 2008 · Posted By John Myers · Filed Under The Governor 

Governor Schwarzenegger's appearance at the Bay Area Council's annual event this morning felt more like a celebrity interview than a policy discussion, though perhaps that changed after the first 20 minutes or so... which is when the video feed went down.

Still, a fun quip came when the moderator asked Schwarzenegger to name a policy disagreement he's had with his wife, First Lady Maria Shriver. The governor replied with describing the day he came home a few weeks ago.

"All of a sudden," he said, "I see an Obama sign in front of my home."

The audience laughed at the reference to the first couple's presidential split. She's endorsed Democrat Barack Obama; he's endorsed Republican John McCain.

The governor went on to quote his wife talking about Obama. "'Oh, he's so cool,'" he said he remembers Shriver saying. The audience at the Alameda event ate it up.

But the best line came next. In a reference surely to make supporters of Democrat Hillary Clinton feel slighted, Schwarzenegger said he sees his household Obama-McCain disagreement as having a silver lining come November.

"It doesn't matter who gets elected, we're in."


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