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Do I Hear 20? Going Once...

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If you’re one of those folks who are following the latest discussions about the fiscal troubles of the state, a word of advice: believe everything. Or nothing. Or something in between. Spending and revenue estimates in Sacramento are always like … Continue reading »

Governor Says Yes To New Indian Casino

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Governor Schwarzenegger has agreed to a new expansion of Indian gaming in California, and for the the second time in his tenure he’s made a casino deal that seems to set precedent. This time: two tribes from different regions of … Continue reading »

New Wrinkle, Same Fight

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One of these days, someone will end the debate on whether California has the authority to demand fewer greenhouse gas emissions from vehicles. In the meantime, there’s another battle that’s erupted… and this one is found deep inside a document … Continue reading »

Tax Cash Increases... But Enough?

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It looks like the flow of moneycoming in to state coffers has picked up as personal income tax returns are processed, but there’s still a long ways to go. As mentioned last week, Controller John Chiang has a new page … Continue reading »

Two Months, But Who's Counting?

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For weeks, Governor Schwarzenegger has barnstormed the state trying to drum up support for his effort to reform the annual process that governs the state budget. But back here in Sacramento, he may soon run short on time for a … Continue reading »

Podcast: Recissions, Rumblings, Revenues

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On this week’s Capital Notes Podcast, we wax poetically about some of the latest poltical and policy news… including an insurance industry crackdown, grumbling among some legislative Democrats when it comes to party politics, and the latest news on the … Continue reading »

College Cuts, Porn Tax, and... More?

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Where else would a headline like that be written than here at the state Capitol? A few items of note as the week begins… A NEW TAXXX: Today was lobbying day for the adult entertainment industry, one of the more … Continue reading »

The Guv's Win-Win?

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Governor Schwarzenegger’s appearance at the Bay Area Council’s annual event this morning felt more like a celebrity interview than a policy discussion, though perhaps that changed after the first 20 minutes or so… which is when the video feed went … Continue reading »

No Federal Approval, No Casino?

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Legislation to change how, and possibly where, new Indian casinos are built in California cleared its first hurdle today at the state Capitol. For years, the most controversial part of the tribal gaming process has been casinos proposed for land … Continue reading »

Tax Blues... State Government-Style

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Yes, it’s April 15th. Yes, it’s not a fun day for those of us (myself included) who wrote a check to the state. But this year, it’s even worse if you’re a state lawmaker trying to balance the books for … Continue reading »