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PPIC: Bah Humbug

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Tonight’s release of the latest statewide poll from the Public Policy Institute of California has a lot of interesting nuggets, so I’ll post them as separate items to ponder. But there’s one pretty consistent theme: the voters are grumpy. And … Continue reading »

PPIC: Willing To Accept Taxes?

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The great parlor debate of 2008 in state Capitol circles has been whether Governor Schwarzenegger’s proposed budget and its across-the-board cut in every sector of government is really a Trojan horse of sorts for some kind of eventual tax increase. … Continue reading »

PPIC: Not So Fast, Hillary and Mac

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Finally, some presidential politics to talk about in this PPIC poll… and warning signs for supporters of John McCain and Hillary Clinton that the two pols may face an uphill battle here. The poll shows 61% of voters now have … Continue reading »

Newsom and 'The Question'

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In a move that ups the ante over the state budget fight on how much to spend for social services, San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom announced today that he’s leading the charge in a lawsuit to challenge a cut in … Continue reading »

Podcast: Unpaused

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Well, it was quite the hiatus. The last Capital Notes Podcast was recorded at the end of 2007, and it may have seemed as though we were just going to let the project fade away. Not so fast. Capitol Weekly … Continue reading »

Auditor: Chiro Board Violated State Law

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A damning report is out this morning chronicling the activities of the State Board of Chiropractor Examiners — a report that flatly says that board members broke the law. The report released by California State Auditor Elaine Howle doesn’t say … Continue reading »

"Punish Sacramento"

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Governor Schwarzenegger kicked off his latest road show this morning in Fresno, talking budget reform and striking a curious balance between defending elected officials and criticizing them. The governor’s event with Fresno Mayor Alan Autry and others had a familiar … Continue reading »

Budget Reform... Reformed?

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Last week, Governor Schwarzenegger was trying to right one of his wrongs from 2005 on the subject of political map drawing. Next week, he’s expected to resuscitate another one of the 2005 “year of refrorm” issues: a constitutional amendment to … Continue reading »

Legislative Analyst To Retire

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The leader of the one independent, nonpartisan place for state budget and fiscal information says she will step down later this year after 32 years of state service. Legislative Analyst Elizabeth Hill released a short notice this morning announcing her … Continue reading »

Grab Bag: New Taxes? No Limits?

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On this hump day, while the nation is riveted by the goings on at the statehouse that’s 2,852 miles away from Sac Town (hello Albany), here are a few items that… granted… may not be able to compete for intrigue … Continue reading »